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• The EASY Q function is only available with the Record mode. page 20
• With the EASY Q function, most of the HD camcorder settings are automatically

adjusted, which frees you from making detailed adjustments.

1. Press the EASY Q button.

• When you press the EASY Q button, most functions turn off and the following

functions are set to “Auto.” (iSCENE, White Balance, Aperture, Anti-Shake, Focus,
Shutter, Flash, etc.)

• The EASY Q (

) and Anti-shake (

) indicators appear on the screen

at the same time.

2. To record movie images, press the Recording start/stop button.

To take photo images, press the PHOTO button.

To cancel EASY Q mode
Press the EASY Q button again.
• The EASY Q (

) and Anti-shake (

) indicators disappear from the screen.

• Most settings will return to the settings that were set prior to activating the EASY Q mode.
• You cannot cancel the EASY Q mode during recording.

Unavailable buttons during EASY Q operation

The following buttons and control are unavailable because the items are automatically set.
The “Release the EASY.Q” messages may appear if unavailable operations are attempted.
- Menu


) tab / Q.MENU button / Flash (

) button, etc.

- See page 130 for the list of unavailable functions.

• Cancel the EASY Q function if you want to add an effect or settings to the images.


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