Preparation – Samsung HMX-H1062SP User Manual

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Set the appropriate operation mode according to your preference using the Power (

) button and MODE button.

Turning the HD camcorder on and off

1. Open the LCD screen to turn the camcorder on.

• The lens opens automatically when the camcorder is

powered on.

• You can also turn the camcorder on by pressing the

Power (

) button.

2. To turn off the camcorder, press the Power (

) button for

about 1 second.
• Closing the LCD screen will not turn the camcorder off.

• Set the date and time when using your HD camcorder

for the first time. page 25

• When you use your HD camcorder for the first time or

you perform the “Default Set” function, you will see
the “Time Zone: Home” setting screen for the startup
display. If you do not set the time zone, the time zone
setting screen appears every time you turn on your


LCD screen

Power (

) button

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