Samsung HMX-H1062SP User Manual

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The TV screen or LCD display has distorted

• It can occur when recording or viewing a 16:9-ratio image on a 4:3-ratio TV, or vice

versa. For more details, see the display specification.

page 51

Unknown image appears on the LCD

• The HD camcorder is in the demo mode. If you do not want to see the demo

image, change the setting “Demo” to “Off.” page 92

Unknown indicator appears on the screen.

• A warning indicator or message appears on the screen.

pages 119-122

The afterimage remains on the LCD

• This occurs if you disconnect the AC power adaptor or remove the battery pack

before turning the power off.

The image on the LCD screen looks dark.

• Ambient light too bright. Adjust the brightness and angle of LCD.




Pressing the Recording start/stop button
does not start recording.

• Press


MODE button to set Record mode. page 20

• There is not enough free space to record on the storage media.
• Check if memory card is not inserted or write-protect tab is set to lock.

The actual recording time is less than the
estimated recording time.

• The estimated recording time may vary depending on content and features used.
• Recording a fast-moving subject increases the bit rate and consequently the

amount of storage space required for the recording, which can lead to a shorter
available recording time.

The recording stops automatically.

• There is no more free space for recording on the storage media. Back up important

files on your PC and format the storage media or delete the unnecessary files.

• If you make recordings or delete files frequently, the performance of the storage

media will be deteriorated. In this case, format the storage media again.

• If you use the memory card with low writing speed, the HD camcorder

automatically stops recording the movie images and the corresponding message
appears on the LCD screen.

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