Charging the battery pack, Inserting the battery pack, Ejecting the battery pack – Samsung HMX-H1062SP User Manual

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• Use


IA-BP85NF or IA-BP85ST battery pack only.

• The battery pack may be charged a little at the time of purchase.
• Be sure to charge the battery pack before you start using your HD camcorder.

Inserting the battery pack

1. Open the battery pack cover by sliding the OPEN switch to

the left as shown in the figure.

2. Insert the battery pack into the battery pack slot until it

softly clicks.
• Make sure that SAMSUNG logo is facing up and the

camcorder is placed as shown in the figure.

3. Close the battery pack cover.

Ejecting the battery pack

1. Slide the Battery pack release switch and pull out the

battery pack.
• Gently slide the Battery pack release switch in the

direction as shown in the figure.

2. Close the battery pack cover.

• Additional battery packs are available at your local

Samsung dealer.

• If the HD camcorder will not be in use for a while,

remove the battery pack from the HD camcorder.

Use only Samsung-approved battery packs.
Do not use batteries from other manufacturers because, there is a danger of overheating, fire or explosion.
Samsung is not responsible for problems occuring due to using unapproved batteries.

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