Samsung HMX-H1062SP User Manual

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Menu items are grayed out.

• You cannot select grayed items in the current recording/playback mode.
• Menu, quick menu, and Flash ( ) button cannot be used in EASY Q mode.
• The following functions cannot be used during video recording:

“Video Resolution,” “Video Quality,” “Photo Resolution,” “Photo Sharpness,”

“Video Quality,” “Photo Resolution,” “Photo Sharpness,”

“Photo Resolution,” “Photo Sharpness,”

“Fader,” “Cont. Shot,” “Digital Zoom,” “Self Timer,” “Time Lapse REC,”
“Storage Type

• There are some functions you cannot activate simultaneously.

The following list shows examples of unworkable combinations of functions and
menu items.

Cannot use

Because of the following settings


“Aperture : Manual,” “Shutter : Manual”

Manual Aperture

“Shutter : Manual,” “iSCENE”

Manual Shutter

“Aperture : Manual,” “iSCENE”

“Fader,” “Video Resolution,”

“Video Quality,”

“Time Lapse REC”

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