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• This function works only in Play mode. page 20
• You can erase the images recorded on the storage media.
• An image that has been deleted cannot be recovered.

1. Touch the HD Movie (

HD) tab, SD Movie (

SD) tab, or Photo (

) tab.

2. Touch the Menu (

) tab “Delete.

3. Touch the desired option tab on the screen (“Select Files” or “All Files”).

• “Select Files”: Deletes individual images.

To delete individual images, touch images in order to select them for deletion.
The (

) indicator is displayed on the selected images.

Touching the thumbnail image toggles between the thumbnail image being selected
for deletion (the (

) indicator appears on image) or not (the (

) indicator is removed

from image). Touch the OK (

) tab.

• “All Files”: Deletes all images.

To delete all images, simply touch “All Files.

4. The message according to the selected option will appear. Touch “Yes.”

• After completion, selected images will be deleted. (Accordingly, the deleted files also

disappear in the playlist. page 97)

• It operates identically in the full image display.
• To protect important images from accidental deletion, activate the image

protection. page 99

• The protect ( ) indicator will blink if you try to delete a image that was previously

protected. page 99
You must release the protect function to delete the image.

• If the write protection tab on the memory card is set to lock, you cannot delete.

page 30

• You can also format the storage media to delete all the images at once.

Be aware that all files and data including protected files will be erased. page 82

• You can also access it by using the Q.MENU button.

Press the Q.MENU button.

Touch “Delete.

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