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Setting white balance manually:
Touch “Custom WB.

• The

Set White Balance” indicator is displayed.

2. Frame a white object such as a piece of white paper so that it fills the screen.

• Use an object that is not transparent.
• If the object that fills the screen is not focused, correct the focus using “Focus:

Manual” page 69

3. Touch the OK (

) tab.

• The white balance setting will be applied and (

) indicator is displayed.

• A subject can be shot under various types of lighting conditions indoors (natural,

fluorescent, candlelight, etc.). Because the colour temperature is different
depending on the light source, the subject tint will differ depending on the white
balance settings. Use this function for a more natural result.

• It is recommended that you specify “Digital Zoom: Off” ( page 74) before setting

white balance.

• Do not use a coloured object when setting white balance: The appropriate tint

cannot be set.

• This function will be set to “Auto” in the EASY Q mode.
• Reset the white balance if lighting conditions change.
• During normal outdoor recording, setting to auto may provide better results.

using the menu items

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