Samsung HMX-H1062SP User Manual

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• Movie images are compressed in the H.264 (MPEG4 part10/AVC) format.
• Eject the battery pack when you have finished recording to prevent unnecessary battery power


• For on-screen information display, see page 21.
• For approximate recording time, see page 29.
• You can record movie images using the remote control.
• Sound is recorded from the internal stereo microphone at the left and right of the lens. Make sure that this

microphone is not blocked.

• Before recording an important movie, make sure to test the recording function by checking if there is any

problem with the audio and video recording.

• For various functions available during recording, see “RECORDING MENU ITEMS” on pages 59-79.
• Do not operate the Power (

) button or remove the memory card while accessing the storage media.

Doing so may damage the storage media or the data in the storage media.

• If the power cable/battery is disconnected or recording is disabled during recording, the system is switched

to the data recovery mode. While data is being recovered, no other function is enabled. After data recovery,
the system will be switched to the STBY mode. When the recording time is short, the data recovery might

• You can select the resolution and quality of movie image to be recorded. pages 60~61
• You can switch the play mode to the record mode by pressing the Recording start/stop button.

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