Samsung HMX-H1062SP User Manual

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To view a slide show

You can enjoy a slide show with the background music.

1. Touch the Menu (

) tab in the thumbnail index view or single image display mode.

• The menu will appear.

2. Touch “Slide Show Start.

• The


) indicator is displayed. A slide show starts from the current image.

• All photo images are play back continuously in the set slide show option (Interval,

Effect, or Music). page 80


• You can adjust the background music’s volume level using the Volume (

) tab

while in a slide show with music.

• To stop the slide show, touch the Return (

) tab.

• A slide show is available also in the quick menu. page 58
• This camcorder has 7 tunes of background music by default, stored in the

boot-up flash memory. Starting a slide show begins to play back 7 background
music in shuffle mode.

• The background music cannot be created or edited.


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Slide Show Option



Slide Show Start

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