Samsung HMX-H1062SP User Manual

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Step 3. Playing back videos (or photos)

• You can play back recordings conveniently using the Intelli-studio application.
1. Run the Intelli-studio programme. page 107

2. Click the desired folder to display your recordings.

• Video (or photo) thumbnails appear on the screen, according to the selected


3. Select the video that you want to play, and then click the “Player” icon on the

bottom side of the screen.

• Playback starts and playback controls appear.

• You can also double-click the video (or photo) thumbnail to start playback.

Step 4. Editing videos (or photos)

With Intelli-studio, you can edit the videos or photos in various ways.

• Select the video (or photo) that you want to edit, and then click the “

EDIT” icon.

Step 5. Sharing video/photo images online

Share your contents with the world, by uploading photos and videos directly to a

web site with on click.

1. Click the “SHARE” on the browser.

2. Click the “Add” and move the video or photo (drag and drop) to the sharing

window for upload.

• The selected fi le appears on the sharing window.

3. Click the website you would like to upload fi les to.

• You can choose the “YouTube


,” “Flickr


,” or the specifi ed website you want

to set for your uploading management.

4. Click the “Upload to Share Site” to start uploading.

• A pop up window appears asking your ID and the password.

5. Enter your web log-in information to access.

• Access to the web site contents can be limited depending on your web access environment.

For more information about Intelli-studio use, see the Help Guide by clicking “Menu”  “Help.”

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