Troubleshooting, Symptoms and solutions – Samsung HMX-H1062SP User Manual

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+ If these instructions do not solve your problem, contact your nearest Samsung authorised service centre.

Symptoms and solutions




The HD camcorder does not turn on.

• The battery pack may not be installed on your HD camcorder.

Insert a battery pack to the HD camcorder.

• The inserted battery pack may be discharged.

Charge the battery pack or replace it with a charged one.

• If you use the AC power adaptor, make sure it is properly connected to a wall


The power turns off automatically.

• Is

“Auto Power Off” set to “5 Min”? If no button is pressed for about 5 minutes,

the HD camcorder is automatically turned off (“Auto Power Off”). To disable this
option, change the setting of “Auto Power Off” to “Off.” page 87

• The battery pack is almost exhausted. Charge the battery pack or replace it with a

charged one.

Power cannot be turned off.

• Remove the battery pack or unplug AC power adaptor, and connect the power

supply to the camcorder again before turning it on.

The battery pack is quickly discharged.

• The temperature is too low.
• The battery pack is not fully charged. Charge the battery pack again.
• The battery pack reached its lifespan and cannot be recharged.

Use another battery pack.

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