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before recording

Common cautions for memory cards
• Damaged data may not be recovered. It is recommended you back-up important recordings separately on your

PC’s hard disk.

• After you modify the name of a file or folder stored in the memory card using your PC, your camcorder may not

recognise the modified file.

Handling a memory card
• It is recommended that you power off before inserting or removing the memory card to avoid data loss.
• It is not guaranteed that you can use a memory card formatted by other devices. Be sure to format your memory

card using this camcorder.

• Memory cards need to be formatted on this camcorder before use.
• If you cannot use a memory card that has been previously used with another device, format it on your HD

camcorder. Note that formatting erases all information on the memory card.

• A memory card has a certain life span. If you cannot record new data, you have to purchase a new memory card.
• Do not bend, drop, or cause strong impact to the card.
• Do not use or store in a place that has high temperature and humidity or a dusty environment.
• Do not place foreign substances on the memory card terminals. Use a soft dry cloth to clean the terminals if


• Do not put any additional labels on the memory card.
• Be careful to keep the memory card out of the reach of children, who might swallow it.

Notes on use
• Samsung is not responsible for data loss due to misuse.
• We recommend using a memory card case to avoid losing data from moving and static electricity.
• After a period of use, the memory card may get warm. This is normal and is not a malfunction.

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