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Using a computer

Other functions with the Intelli-studio

Importing and viewing videos/photos from the camcorder to your PC

1. Launch the Intelli-studio programme by double-clicking the programme

icon on the desktop screen or connect the camcorder to your PC.

2. Click “Import Folder” to import the video or photo files from your PC.
3. The selected video or photo files are imported from your PC, and you can

see the files location on the Intelli-studio browser.

4. You can double-click on the file you would like to start playback.

The following is the file format supportable in Intelli-studio:
- Video formats: MP4 (Video: H.264, Audio: AAC), WMV (WMV 7/8/9)
- Photo formats: JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG, TIFF

Exporting the videos to your camcorder

1. Select the desired files to export.
2. Click “Save to Camcorder (

)” icon to export files to your camcorder.

3. The following pop up window appears.
4. Click “OK” to export files.

• The files are saved to your camcorder.


While transferring any file, do not disconnect the USB cable.
It may cause damage to the camcorder or computer.

• When storing a video through Intelli-studio, it is automatically stored into

an MP4 file that can be played back. However, the only video file format
supportable in Intelli-studio can be converted and stored in the camcorder.

• According to the resolution and type of the video, the storing time may differ.
• Photos cannot be stored on the camcorder through Intelli-studio.

Folders directory on
your PC

“Import Folder”

Imported files

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