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before recording


(HMX-H104BP/HMX-H105BP/HMX-H1052BP/HMX-H106SP/HMX-H1062SP only)

• You can record movie and photo images on the built-in memory or a memory card, so you should select the

desired storage media before starting recording or playback.

• You can use SD or SDHC cards on your HD camcorder. (Some cards are not compatible depending on the

memory card manufacturer and memory card type.)

• Before inserting or ejecting the memory card, turn the HD camcorder off.

1. Touch the Menu (

) tab.

2. Touch the Settings (

) tab.

3. Touch the up (

)/down (

) tab until “Storage Type” is displayed.

4. Touch “Storage Type,” then the desired storage media.

• “Memory”: When using the built-in memory.
• “Card”: When using the memory card (SD or SDHC card).

• Never format the built-in memory or memory card using a PC.
• When you insert a memory card, the storage media setup screen appears.

Touch “Yes” if you want to use a memory card, or “No” if not.

• Do not remove the power (battery pack or AC power adaptor) when accessing

storage media for recording, playback, format, delete, etc. The storage media and
its data may be damaged.

• Do not eject a memory card while it is being used in the camcorder.

The memory card and its data may be damaged.

• You can also access it by using the Q.MENU button.

Press the Q.MENU button. Touch “Storage” Touch “Memory” or “Card.

• “Storage Type” is grayed out when the memory card is not inserted.
• SSD refers to the built-in memory (Memory).

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