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Switching to Sleep mode

This function works only in Play mode.
The camcorder switches to Sleep mode automatically when the LCD screen

is closed and a video cable is not connected to TV.

If there is no operation for 20 minutes after the camcorder has entered the

sleep mode once, the power is turned off automatically.
(When “Auto Power off” is set to “Off.”)

If the LCD screen is opened or video cables are connected in the sleep mode,

the screen returns to the previous screen.

Sleep mode does not work in the following situations:

- When a USB or video (HDMI, component/AV) cable is connected.
- When the LCD screen is opened.
- While in recording, playing and slide show modes.
- When “Auto Power Off” is set to “5 Min.”

When “Auto Power Off” is set to “5 Min,” the power of the camcorder

is turned off after 5 minutes in Sleep mode.

Setting the operating modes

• You can switch the operating mode in the following order each time you press

the MODE button.
- Record mode (

) Play mode (

Play mode (

Play mode (


• Each time the operational mode changes, the respective mode indicator lights

- Record mode (

): To record movie or photo images. pages 32, 34

- Play mode (

): To play movie or photo images, or edit them.

pages 42, 45

• This camcorder provides one record mode which combines the movie

and photo record modes. You can easily record movies or photos in the
same mode without having to change it.

• When the HD camcorder is turned on, the self-diagnosis function

operates and a message may appear. If a message appears, refer
to “Warning indicators and messages” (on pages 119-122) and take
corrective action.

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