Samsung HMX-H1062SP User Manual

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Connecting/Dubbing with other devices (Recorder, PC, Printer, etc)



You cannot dub correctly using the HDMI

• You cannot dub images using the HDMI cable.

You cannot dub correctly using the
Component/AV (Video, Audio L/R) cable.

• The Component/AV (Video, Audio L/R) cable is not connected properly.

Make sure that the Component/AV (Video, Audio L/R) cable is connected to the
proper jack, i.e. to the input jack of the device used for dubbing images from your
camcorder. page 52

• This HD camcorder provides the two-in-one component/AV cable that fits

the purpose of the component and the AV cable. Therefore, when using the
component/AV cable, you must check the right method for the TV output by
setting the “Analogue TV Out” menu. page 89

Printouts cannot be made using a
PictBridge printer.

• Your printer may not print images edited on a computer or recorded using other

device. This is not an error.

Connecting to a computer



The computer does not recognise your
HD camcorder.

• Disconnect the USB cable from the computer and camcorder, restart the computer,

then connect it again correctly.

Cannot play a movie file properly on a
Windows computer.

• A video codec is needed to play the file recorded on your HD camcorder.

Install or run the built-in edit software (Intelli-studio). pages 109-111

• Make sure you insert the connector in the correct direction, and connect the USB

cable to the USB jack on your camcorder firmly.

• Disconnect the cable from the computer and camcorder, restart the computer.

Connect it again properly.

• To play back an HD video file, a computer with better specification is required.

Check a computer with recommended specification. page 106

Intelli-studio does not function properly.

• Exit the Intelli-studio application, and restart the Windows computer.
• The built-in software on your camcorder, Intelli-studio is not Macintosh compliant.
• Set

PC Software” to “On” in the Settings menu. page 88

• According to your computer type, the Intelli-studio program may not automatically

run. In this case, open the desired CD-ROM drive that has the Intelli-studio
programme in My Computer and run iStudio.exe.

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