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Using a computer

This chapter explains how to connect the camcorder to a computer using the USB cable.
Read this chapter carefully and be free from your burden of handling two devices at the same time.


To view your recordings on a computer, you need to check your computer type first.
Editing software is stored in this camcorder. Connecting the camcorder to a Windows computer using USB cable runs
the editing software application. The application enables playback, editing and sharing of the recordings.

If you are using a Windows PC

Connect your camcorder to the computer using the USB cable.
• The built-in editing software, Intelli-studio runs automatically once

the camcorder is connected to a Windows computer.
(When you specify “PC Software: On”). page 88

Play back or edit your recordings on the computer using the built-
in Intelli-studio application. page 109

You can also upload your recordings to YouTube or other web
sites using the Intelli-studio. page 109

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