Samsung HMX-H1062SP User Manual

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Informs that...


File Error


There is a problem with the file.

• Your HD camcorder does not support this file


• Try another file recorded on your HD camcorder.

Printer Error


There is a problem with the printer.

• Turn the printer’s power off and on.
• Contact the printer manufacturer’s service centre.

Print Error


A problem occurred during printing.

• Do not remove power source or eject memory card

during printing.


When there is dew condensation, put the camcorder aside for a while before using
• What is dew condensation?

Dew condensation happens when a HD camcorder is moved to a place where there is a significant temperature difference
from the previous place. The dew condenses on the external or internal lenses of the HD camcorder, and on the reflection
lens. When this happens, it may cause a malfunction or damage to the HD camcorder when using the device with the
power on while there is dew condensation.

• What can I do?

Turn the power off and detach the battery pack, and leave it in a dry area for 1~2 hours before using it.

• When does the dew condensation occur?

When the device is relocate d to a place with a higher temperature than the previous location, or when using it in a hot area
suddenly, it will cause condensation.

When recording outside in cold weather during the winter and then using it in indoors.


When recording outside in hot weather after being indoors or inside a car where the A/C was running.

Note before sending your camcorder for repair.
• If these instructions do not solve your problem, contact your nearest Samsung authorised service centre.
• Depending on the problem, the built-in memory may need to be initialized or replaced and the data will be deleted.

Be sure to back up the data on your PC before sending your camcorder to repair.
Samsung cannot guarantee any loss of your data.

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