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You can transfer or copy recorded data to a Windows computer by connecting the USB cable to the camcorder.

Step 1. Viewing the contents of storage media

1. Set the “USB Connect” to “Mass Storage.” page 89

2. Set “PC Software” to “Off.” page 88

3. Check out the storage media.

(If you want to record on a memory card, insert the memory card.)
only) page 27

4. Connect the HD camcorder to the PC with the USB cable. page 107

• The “Removable Disk” or “Samsung” window appears on the PC’s screen

after a moment.

• The removable disk appears when connecting a USB.
• Select “Open folders to view files using Windows Explorer” and click “OK.”

5. The folders in the storage media appear.

• Different file types are stored in different folders.

• If the “Removable Disk” window does not appear, confirm the

connection (page 107) or perform steps 1 and 2 again.

• When the removable disk does not appear automatically, open the

removable disk folder of My Computer.

• If the connected camcorder’s disk drive does not open or the context

menu that appears when right clicking your Mouse (open or browse)
appears broken, your computer is suspected to be infected by Autorun
virus. Install the vaccine or update to the latest version.



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