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TCfW Communication Server Client

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The <<send>> command must be the last key word command in your message. All key word
commands appearing on later pages of the same message, with the exception of <<to>> and <<cc>>,
will cause the TC Fax printer to generate a new message.

Except for the strings "To" and "cc", key word commands and their angle brackets are automatically
removed from your message upon sending, provided all four angle brackets appear on the same line.

10.2.3 Sign

This API command is interpreted directly by the printer. It is not defined in TCfW. This keyword is hard

wired in the printer and must be <<SIGN>>.

<<Sign>> may be followed by a TCfW user ID. The printer generates one signature mark for each

occurrence of this key word. Two different kinds of signature marks can be generated. One can be used by

any user to insert a signature: <<SIGN>>(any user can sign here).The other can only be used by a

specified user: <<SIGN SM>> (only user SM can sign here).

10.2.4 Removal of API Commands from Output

API commands (<<...>>) are removed from the printer output. API commands are removed from the top left

corner of the opening brackets (<<) to the bottom right of the closing brackets (>>). The area from which the

angle brackets are removed is always rectangle.


The complete API command is removed:

<<To: FAX: 6613321>>

Only the angle brackets (<< and >>) are removed:

<<To: FAX: 6613321


Part of the API command is removed:

<<To: FAX: 6613321


Nothing is removed:

<<To: Fax, 6613321


To: and Cc: are not removed. Bcc: and Send are removed:

<<To: FZ


<<Cc: BM


<<Bcc: SM>>