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TCfW Communication Server Client

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4.16 Editing Attachments

You can view and edit your attachments by selecting their corresponding attachment lines in the message
area in Text Mode and selecting Edit Page in the Edit menu. The related application will start up

automatically if it's available and installed properly. When you select a fax attachment, for example,

Paintbrush (or any other application linked in the File Manager to the extension .BMP) is started for


To edit an attachment follow these steps:


In Text Mode, select the attachment you want to edit by clicking its attachment line once.


Select Edit Page from the Edit menu. The application in which the attachment was created is launched
making the attachment visible. (This application may be TCfW, in which case a second message window
will open over the first.)


Make your changes and save them.


Exit the application.

You will return to the TCfW message window.

4.16.1 Editing in Image Mode

The Image Mode allows to add annotations to images (=received faxes). You can also mark an area of an

image and cut or copy it, and paste it into another image. You can view and edit your messages in either
Text or Image Mode. Select Text/Image Mode from the View menu or click the corresponding icon on the

toolbar to switch modes. Images, like an incoming fax, can only be edited in image mode, text parts, usually

used in internal messages, can only be edited in text mode.

4.16.2 Editable Objects

Only embedded image objects are editable. Text objects and overlays cannot be edited. If a page contains

editable and non-editable objects then the non-editable parts of the page are marked gray when the page is

changed (by pasting text or image or by inserting a new annotation).

TCfW example of a two page inbound fax:

The objects with the attribute ‗Image‘ can be changed.