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TCfW Communication Server Client

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Preview Area

This area shows the last message selected in Image Mode. In order to make the preview area visible,

follow these steps:


Move the mouse pointer to the lower end of the folder window. Just before it becomes a double arrow for
window resizing, it becomes a split view grip, which looks like two vertical bars.


Drag the grip upwards. The preview section appears when you release the mouse button.


Click the Restore button to resize the folder window to full screen mode.

It is recommended to preview messages in full screen mode.


IN Box

The IN Box shows all your incoming messages. Messages can be categorized as New Message, Touched

or Marked Completed, as shown by their corresponding status icons.


Marking an IN Box Entry as Completed

To mark a message as completed, follow these steps:


Select its entry from the folder entry list


Click the Mark Completed button or select Mark Completed from the Message menu.


Press Refresh (F5).

A new (untouched) entry cannot be marked completed unless Terminate Incoming is enabled in your user

profile. Once an entry has been marked completed it will no longer appear in the list of open send orders.

Your user profile can be configured to automatically mark messages as completed once you open them.


Marking an IN Box Entry as Read/Unread


Select its entry from the folder entry list