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TCfW Communication Server Client

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An entry opened from Address View shows the address properties by default. After editing the addresses

of a user, the list view must be refreshed manually to reflect the changes. The Address View provides full

filtering on all columns except Active. The Delete and New buttons are not available in this view.



This allows the administrator to maintain a service directory for all of the communication services supported

by Kofax Communication Server. (See the KCS Clients

Administrator’s Manual for more information about

the Services window.)



Open this dialog box to change your password, or to activate the Auto Login feature.


Change Password

Allows you to change your own password. This will reset the validity period.

Note: To change your own password you must have the right to change your password set in your user

profile. Ask the administrator in your company about this.



This submenu provides the administrator with a number of tools for managing and monitoring the Kofax
Communication Server. (For a detailed description of each of the Server submenu functions, see the KCS


Administrator’s Manual.)