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TCfW Communication Server Client

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The search words are not case sensitive.

Phrases are not supported.

A string may be searched for in a particular field (like the subject field or text content) or in all fields.

If you don‘t specify a time, the search is conducted on the online volumes (still available on the disk),
starting with the most recent one. To search in offline volumes (already saved on CD) you need to
specify a time range. The search may be restricted to a particular volume or a range of volumes
(implicit setting of time range).

The Archive search returns a list of mail entries.

If one document was sent to a number of recipients all mail entries will appear in the search result (this
does not apply to the in-box-only view).

The result list of an Archive search is always sorted by archiving time (starting with the most recent

The Archive search supports In-Box and OUT-Box views. Additionally a general view of all entries
(both in the In-Box and in the OUT-Box) is available.

The following screenshot shows how to ret

rieve messages from user ‗TH‘ or ‗WK‘ containing the text

‗Special‘ in user ‗SM‘s In-Box.

The Archive offers optimized search for all text content and for the following fields:

Search for Text

Words entered here are searched for in the following message parts:


Text parts

Message number

Message name

You may change these settings in the Advanced tab of the Archive search dialog box.

To / From

You can specify the name or number of a recipient or sender in this field. If only the IN-Box is selected it is

treated as a filter for the sender, and if only the OUT-Box is selected then it is considered as a filter for the

recipient. In case that both the IN-Box and the OUT-Box are selected the search applies to both the

recipient and the sender fields.