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TCfW Communication Server Client

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Important: Don't forget to mark your messages as completed. This helps free space on Kofax

Communication Server for new messages. Messages that have been marked completed are stored on

Kofax Communication Server for as long as possible for convenient access. However, such messages will

eventually be deleted automatically to make room for new ones. (The duration such messages are kept

depends on the TCOSS server's capacity and message traffic.). You can store messages indefinitely in

your personal user folders or in the Kofax Communication Server Archive if there is one available.


Replying to Messages

When replying to a message, the contents of the To and From fields are swapped and the old header along

with the original message is copied to the message area of the message window.

Note: When you reply to a message sent to multiple recipients, your reply will be sent to each of these


Follow these steps to reply to a message:


Select Open from the Message menu to open a specific message, or select the IN Box in a Folder
window and double-click the message you want to reply to.


Select Reply from the Message menu. Two text boxes will open in the message area. One contains the
message header. The second contains the message you are replying to.


Modify the header and/or the message as needed.


Delete recipients from the recipient list in the message window by selecting them and pressing the
DELETE key on your keyboard.


Write your reply in the second text box or open a new text box.


Select Send from the Message menu.


Forwarding Messages

Forwarding is used to send a copy of a received message to other recipients. The original header is moved

to the beginning of the message area, to allow you to re-address the message and add comments.

Follow these steps to forward a message:


Open the message by double-clicking its entry in the IN Box list.


Select Forward from the Message menu.


Re-address your message.


Modify the message and add comments as needed.


Select Send from the Message menu.


Resubmitting Messages

Resubmitting is used to resend an already received message again with a time delay.