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TCfW Communication Server Client

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The size of the message in bytes.

Created At

This is the reception time for external messages. For internal messages it is the creation time of the

message and not the reception time.

Message ID

The Message ID serves a message tracking ID of a message within TCOSS.

(For a description of the additional folder fields only visible to users with special authorization, see the KCS


Administrator’s Manual.)



The OUT Box shows all messages you sent. For each recipient of a message, one entry line is created in

the OUT Box. This entry shows, among other things, the Status of delivery. Entries can be categorized as

Active, Inactive, or Marked Completed. Active means the message is in process of being sent. Inactive

means the message couldn't be sent due to problems. Marked Completed include messages sent

successfully as well as those cancelled by the user.

As long as a message has not been sent, its entry is not marked completed and can therefore not be

deleted automatically. After successful sending or manual cancellation, the message will be Marked

Completed and subsequently deleted automatically over time as new messages arrive.

If a message could not be sent successfully, you have to intervene with the following options:

Click the Cancel Mess. button to deactivate the send order.

Click the Reactivate button to reset the sending attempts.

Click the Correct button. This will open the Recipient dialog box in which you can correct the address.