Kofax Communication Server 9.1.1 User Manual

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TCfW Communication Server Client

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Items of the dialog box:


Choose this selection to make an individual set of fields.

Defined in User Profile

Choose this selection to use one of the pre-defined sets of fields.
The parameters Extended Folder View and Tech User determine
the view used. Different views are only available for the IN-Box and
the OUT-Box.


Adds a selected field to the Displayed Fields list.


Removes a selected field from the Displayed Fields list.

Move Up

Moves a selected item down in the Displayed Fields list.

Move Down

Moves a selected item down in the Displayed Fields list.

If Custom is selected all fields remaining in the Available Fields list are still presented for filtering in the

Filter window. Fields in the Used Fields list are presented on top, fields in the Available Fields list are

presented at the end in the Filter window. This is different to the Defined in User Profile behavior. Here

only the fields presented in the folder view are available for filtering.

If fields combined with a status icon are moved from the leftmost position to any other position, the icon

always remains on the far left.

If a Custom view is active, dragging the column header with the mouse to the new position can also

change the column order. This is not possible for a User Profile Defined view.