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TCfW Communication Server Client

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User / Group

You can only enter data in this field if you were granted the rights to do so. If you don‘t have the Group
or the All Right, this field will be gray and contain your User ID or that of the user currently logged in.

The Date & Time tab allows you to further expand the search criteria by specifying a date range. All

Messages On- and Off-Line is selected by default. Should you select a date range that lies beyond the

On-Line volumes, the Archive Server automatically searches in the Off-Line volumes.

All Messages On-Line

When this option is selected the search is conducted in the Archive volumes that are currently On-Line in

the TC/Archive Server.

All Messages On- and Off-Line

When this option is selected the search is conducted in both the On-Line and the Off-Line volumes. During

the search the server may prompt you to insert an Off-Line volume CD-Rom and to specify the path for that

specific volume.

An Off-Line volume is a whole TC/Archive Server volume that has been filled and burned onto a CD and is

thus not currently available on the Archive Server.

The path for an Off-

Line volume must be specified in the form ‗\\pcname\sharename‘.

The Advanced tab, allows you to specify the search even further and enter more than one search criterion.


each option you check, you may enter the text this field should contain. Once you‘ve entered the text

click the Add button or delete a previously set condition by clicking the Delete button.