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TCfW Communication Server Client

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Delivery Notification drop-down list: Determines in which cases a (non-)delivery notification will be given.

Delivery notification is defined in each User Profile. This list only allows you to deactivate and reactivate

these User Profile settings.

Set Date And Time For Sending check box and fields: Determines when the first delivery attempt should

take place. If the check box is not marked, the message will be released immediately for sending.

Set Date And Time For Latest Delivery check box and fields: Allows you to enter the latest possible time

the message can be sent at. This is useful if you need to send a fax to someone by a certain time and is

pointless if it arrives after that time. If the check box is not marked, the latest delivery time is infinite.

Cost Center field. Allows you to define the cost center the message should be billed to.

Sending Copy drop-down list: If set to All, a copy of each outgoing fax message, even if the same

message is sent to multiple recipients, will be printed during sending. If set to First, a copy of only the

message sent to the first recipient will be printed. The User Profile defines where the sending copy will be

printed or delivered.

Resolution drop-down list: For setting the fax resolution to either High or Normal. High is slower and

therefore more expensive, but produces a clearer fax image.

Fax Header Line check box: Used to activate the header line in faxes.

Cover field, cover sheet list and related No Cover and Change Cover buttons: Used to select, modify or

suppress cover sheets. All cover sheets in your Message Folder and in the FIS Folder are listed. The

name of your Message Folder in this list is the same as your User ID. Press Change Cover to view the

Cover Sheet list. Click any entry in this list to copy it to the Cover Sheet field.

Registered message: a registered message stays open in the OUT Box until the recipient opens the


Ignore invalid recipients

: If there‘s an invalid recipient among the list of recipients, the message will be

delivered to all but the invalid one. If this check box is not selected, the entire message will be rejected and

will not reach any of the intended recipients.


Addressing Messages

Before sending a message, you need to define the header

—recipients, content, and delivery type.

Since some recipients can be reached via different services (e.g., fax and telex), each can have several

addresses. Some of the addresses will work better and can therefore have a higher priority by placing them

at the top of the list. Kofax Communication Server always tries to send to the address at the top of the list


In TCfW address books, each recipient has a list of alternative addresses. If neither the main address nor

the alternative addresses works Kofax Communication Server will notify you.

Header fields in the message window include the following:

Delivery type drop-down list (also called the To field) at the left top. Possible options:

To: These recipients are listed in the cover sheets of messages.

cc: (carbon copy) cc recipients are listed in the cover sheet of messages.