3 filtering and sorting messages – Kofax Communication Server 9.1.1 User Manual

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TCfW Communication Server Client

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Double-click an entry to open it. In order to open multiple entries use Open from the Message menu, since

the first click makes the multiple selection disappear.

You can change the width of each column with the mouse by doing the following:


Place the mouse between two columns in the column header line until the mouse arrow changes into a
bi-directional arrow.


Drag the line separating two fields to resize your fields, or drag them together to hide a field completely.


You can also double-click between two columns to resize the column so that it fits to the width of all its

The current setup of each folder window is stored when you close the application.

Note: To reduce network traffic, only the messages displayed in a folder window are fetched from the

server (even if there are more). Further messages will be retrieved when the message area is scrolled



Filtering and Sorting Messages

The list view‘s column header shows the titles of each column (Subject, Recipient, Status, etc. Clicking
into a column header opens the following menu:


Allows you to specify a sorting order.


Allows you to specify a sorting order.

View Settings

Allows you to set the column settings.

Current Filter

Allows you to view the current filters.

Set Filters

Allows you to set a filter in order to restrict the entries shown.