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TCfW Communication Server Client

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To add a recipient to an open message, follow these steps:


Select the required address book from the Address Book drop down list.


Select a recipient from the list by clicking once.


Click one of the four delivery type buttons To, cc, bcc or Authorize.

The recipient will be copied to the Recipient list along with the delivery type you selected. An alternative is

to double-click a recipient to copy him/her to the list with the default To delivery type. You can send your

message to as many recipients as you want simply by repeating these steps.

You might want to use Search Criteria to filter out some addresses when the address books become too

large. Double-click into the line just above the column headers (in our example, one of those fields shows
―SUN*‖). As shown in the example above, a trailing asterisk stands for any string at the end of the field. The
search is not case sensitive.


Recipient Dialog Box

You can create new recipients or edit existing ones in the Recipient dialog box. From the Address Book

(Admin menu) or Address Book dialog box (Check Address button on the toolbar), press the New button

to enter a new recipient, or select a recipient and click Edit. In either case the Recipient dialog box will


The Recipient dialog box consists of two separate areas:

General area