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Page 44: 11 form feeds and page formats

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TCfW Communication Server Client

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4.10 Switching Font and Code Page in Text Blocks

The menu Edit provides the sub menu Text Font. This menu is enabled if the cursor is in a text block within

a message. The current selected font is checked.

Font: text blocks are treated as TC Code Page 0 or Code Page 1, depending on the configuration. Within

TCfW the font Courier New is used for display.

4.11 Form Feeds and Page Formats

In TCfW, each form feed contains the page format for all the pages of a message that follow. The most

common type of form feed contains the A4 page, used for faxes. TCfW also has form feeds for the page

formats A4 Landscape, Letter, Letter Landscape and Telex. Your default template, which is used each time

you select New from the Message menu, should contain a form feed at the beginning of the message.

Form feeds appear within the TCfW message area, in text format, as dotted lines with the page format

defined in the middle.

Inserting a Form Feed in a Message

Follow these steps to insert a form feed into a message:


Make sure you are in Text Mode and that a message is open in the message window.


Place the cursor in a text box or select any reference line to insert a form feed directly after this text box
or line. If the cursor is not in the message area when you insert a form feed, the form feed will be placed
at the end of the message.


Select Insert Form Feed from the Edit menu. In Text mode, each form feed is displayed as a dotted line
with a page format in the middle.

Deleting a Form Feed


Select the form feed with a single click.


Press the DELETE key.


Select a page format


Highlight the form feed (page boundary) you want to format by clicking it.


Select Page Format from the Edit menu.


Choose the desired page format from the Page Format submenu. The name of the page format will
appear in the middle of the form feed in the message area.


Switch to Image Mode to see how your new page format will look.