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TCfW Communication Server Client

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TCfW example of an outbound fax containing attached messages:

Attached messages (whether reference line or embedded) must be opened by double-clicking them before

they can be changed.

4.16.3 Frame Properties

A frame is a field for text or image. It has the following properties:

A frame can hold either text or image

You can move and resize the frame by selecting it.

You can enter text directly into the selected text frame

You can create a new text frame by selecting New Annotation from the shortcut menu or by pasting
text onto an image page if no other frame is selected.

Pasting an image from the Clipboard creates a new image frame.

Cutting or deleting a selected area creates a white frame.

Possible actions on a selected frame:

Move via mouse

Resize via mouse

Delete via keyboard (bitmap only)

The right mouse button shows a shortcut menu.

Paste text from the Clipboard into the frame.

4.16.4 Frame Shortcut Menu (Right Mouse Button)

When you click the right mouse button this menu appears:

The shortcut menu is used for the following actions:

New Annotation

Inserts a new text frame.