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TCfW Communication Server Client

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This tab also shows exactly in which fields the keywords are used for search.

Search too complex information in search result

If a search is getting too complex, TC/Archive may return entries, which do not meet all search criteria.

TC/Archive reports in all affected entries of a search result if some of the search conditions could not be

resolved because too many matching strings exist in a particular volume.

This may happen when using wildcards, e.g. when searching for "A*" in the text content.

The search string "A*" matches all words in the index starting with ‗A‘ like "aback", "abacus", "abaft",
"abalone", "abandon" etc., but there is a maximum of 100 strings whose occurrences can be combined in

one search.

If the limit of 100 would be exceeded, the complete search attribute will be skipped (treated as always true).

A TCfW client release 3.04.01 or higher will mark the entries, which may not meet all search criteria, with a

special icon containing a question mark.

In any search too complex case the result may contain more entries than the correct selection, but not less.