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Page 24: Proxy address view

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TCfW Communication Server Client

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Admin Menu

Most of the Admin menu commands are available only to users with administrator status. They are

explained in detail in the KCS Clients

Administrator’s Manual.


Address Book

Allows you to add new recipients and distribution lists to address books and edit existing ones. (See 5.2

Recipient )

Information about creating or editing distribution lists can be found in the KCS Clients




User Profiles

Maintains user profiles that determine the rights and restrictions of each user. (See the KCS CLIENTS
Administrator’s Manual.)

Proxy Address View

To open this dialog box select User Profiles in the Admin menu and select Address View from the drop

down list. Proxy addresses are the combination of all active and inactive addresses specified for a user.

The ability to list users by proxy address simplifies administration of DID numbers by providing one

overview of all assigned numbers. The view allows filtering on service and address, allowing only a specific

set of users to be listed.

As a User Profile may contain multiple addresses, multiple entries in the Address View list may point to

the same user profile.