Kofax Communication Server 9.1.1 User Manual

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TCfW Communication Server Client

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To create a new profile, follow these steps:


Click the New Profile button. The cursor will jump to the next empty line in the profile list.


Give your new profile a name. The new profile will automatically be assigned a new number, which
you have to dial on the phone if you want to activate it.

Configure your profile by doing the following:


Enter your extension in the field Phone number. If you wan

t to use your computer‘s sound card, enter



Click Call.


Pick up the phone as soon as it rings and click the Start button in the Management Console to test
the different profiles.


Once you are satisfied with the settings, save them by clicking the Save button.


To disconnect from the server, either hang up the receiver, or click the Hang up button.

To delete a profile, all you need to do is activate it by clicking the corresponding option button, and then
click the Delete profile button.

You can copy a profile by selecting it and clicking the Copy profile button. This will generate a new profile

identical to the selected one. You can give it another name and make a few changes to it.