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TCfW Communication Server Client

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Address area

Note: All mandatory fields in both areas appear in bold onscreen.


General Area

All fields in this area can be used in cover sheets. This area contains the basic information about each


Short name (user ID)



Full Name


Free Text (comment)

The Short Name field contains the abbreviation of the recipient that you can enter in the Recipient field of

the message window.


Address Area

The address area, the lower half of the Recipient dialog box, is where you define one or more sending

services with which the recipient can be reached. Each service is represented by an entry in the list.

To establish a service for the recipient, follow these steps:


Select a service from the Service drop-down list, and fill in any fields below this.


Enter a number in the small Address No

. field to determine this services‘ sequence — enter 1 if you

want Kofax Communication Server to use this service first when you send a message.


Check the Active check box, otherwise this service will not be used, and is present in the list only to save
you the trouble of retyping it in case you decide to activate it again.


Click the Save Addr button once you defined the service to put it in the list.


Click OK to save your settings and exit this dialog box.

The fields and boxes of the address area are explained in detail below.

Service Field

Depending on the type of service, the address area offers different windows for entering addresses. Kofax

Communication Server supports the services of Fax, Telex, X400, TC and Free Format. The system does

not check the syntax of messages to be sent by other service types.