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TCfW Communication Server Client

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this merge value will be replaced with the full name of the recipient specified in your message header,

provided this recipient is stored in a Kofax Communication Server address book.

To select and use an existing cover sheet do the following


Open a message by selecting New from the Message menu or clicking the corresponding icon on the


Click anywhere in the Send Options area to open the Send Options window.


Click the Change Over button to display a list of cover sheets.


Select a cover sheet with a single click. Your selected cover sheet should appear in the Cover Sheet
field above the list.


Click OK.


Click Text/Image from the View menu to see how your cover sheet will look. (To learn how to create
cover sheets, please see the KCS Clients

Administrator’s Manual).

4.20 Using Default Templates

A template can be any message stored in any folder. TCfW does not provide special extensions for

templates as it does for cover sheets.

Your default message template is the message you start with when you select New from the Message

menu. It can contain all the components of any message: cover sheet, recipient list, subject, send options,

and message text. It may also contain just an empty text box. The purpose of having a default template is to

save you the time and trouble of specifying the same message components over and over again.

4.20.1 Creating a New Default Template

To create a new default template follow these steps:


Select New from the Message menu.


Enter and specify all the message components you would like your template to contain.


Select Save As from the Message menu and save this message, specifying a folder and a suitable
name in the Message Name field.


Click OK.

4.20.2 Selecting a New Default Template

To select a new default template follow these steps:


Click New Select Template from the Message menu. The Select Template dialog box opens.


Select the folder containing the message you want to use as your default template.


Select the message from the folder list.