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TCfW Communication Server Client

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Select the destination folder from the drop-down list.


Click Start Copy.

Note: If messages are copied from the FIS Folder to a private folder the original folder name (+MAIL5V) is



Exporting Folder Views

This feature allows you to create an ASCII file of a folder view in a directory you specify. The contents of the

folder are not exported.

To export folder views follow these steps:


Open the folder you want to export.


Select the messages to export by setting a filter. Click the column header on the right pane to do so.
(See 6.1 Elements of Folder Windows)


Select Export Fields in the Folder menu. The Export Folder To dialog box will appear.


Specify file name and path for export.


Click OK.


Log Entries

A queue length log agent writes log entries in regular intervals to the short term archive to be later

processed by TC/Report. NT performance counters allow a live view of TCOSS queue lengths.

All messages waiting to be sent immediately and messages waiting for a retry after a failed send attempt

are counted for the total queue length. Not counted are messages with a specific send time, if this time has

not yet passed. Also not counted are messages which are currently being sent, messages already routed

to another

node (state ―at next node‖) and messages in state ―Inactive – Problems‖ (not sent, no more send


(For more information about log entries see the chapter Queue Length Log in the KCS Clients
Administrator’s Manual.)