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TCfW Communication Server Client

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Message marked completed due to a send error.

Sent OK

Message has been sent successfully.

New Message(locked)

Number locking feature is active for this channel.

If the filter is set to All, all messages, including those marked completed by the user, will be displayed. You

would normally want to set this filter to All Non Terminated.

You can filter out messages with the following statuses:

All Entries

Shows the contents of the whole IN Box.

All Non-Marked Completed

Shows all messages which have not been marked
completed by the user.


You can set the following delivery types:


To address the recipient directly.


To send a carbon copy of the original message to the recipient.


To send a blind carbon copy of the original message.


Message waiting for authorization. Users receiving a message for
authorization without the related right set in their User Profile can only
reject the message.


User ID of the recipient.

You can filter out any user ID, provided the user specified is a member of your group, or if he/she is the

representative of the selected user.

Users authorized to access IN Box All Users (as set in their user profiles) can specify any user ID or leave
this field blank to view and/or open all users‘ messages.

Recip. Group

Displays the group of the recipient.

Note: Only messages sent with TC/SP 7.25.01 or higher show group names in the corresponding fields.

Messages created with previous TC/SP versions do not show any group information. The corresponding
fields are blank. If the filter ‗Develop‘ is set as group selection criteria for instance, only those entries
containing ‗Develop‘ in the group field will be shown. This means that the group key cannot be used as a
filter for messages created with previous TC/SP versions. In this case you are forced to use another filter.

Group fields are only visible in the program if TC/SP version 7.25.01 or higher is used.


Describes the sender of the message. The content of this field depends on the sender type.