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TCfW Communication Server Client

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Select Open from the Message menu. This opens the Open Message window.


Select the folder containing the desired message (on the left side of this window). The selected folder will
appear in the Folder field.


Double-click the desired entry from the list. The selected message will appear.

From a folder window:

You can open a single message entry directly from the folder window by double-clicking on the entry.

When opening multiple selected entries, select them using SHIFT-CLICK and CONTROL-CLICK, and use

Open from the Message menu to open them.


Elements of Folder Windows

Each of the four folder windows can display any folder that is selected from its tree view.


Folder Selection

The tree view on the left side allows you to select the folder to view. It is structured in two levels. The first

level allows you to select the TCOSS server or the personal user folders. Usually, an Archive server is also


The second level allows you to select a folder that is accessible to you on the server. Usually the folders

mentioned above are selectable.

When you select a folder, message data is retrieved from the TCOSS server and displayed.


Message Entries

The message entries are shown in a list view. You can select messages from here by clicking the message

entry. You can use the scroll bar or the arrow keys (including PGUP and PGDN) to navigate. Use the

SHIFT and CTRL modifier keys to select multiple entries. This is useful if you want to print several

messages at once for example.