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TCfW Communication Server Client

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Address Number Field

The address sequence number, together with the Active check box, controls the order in which the address

will be used. When you enter a recipient's short name, Kofax Communication Server sends the message to

the first address, the one with the lowest address sequence number, provided the address is active. If

Kofax Communication Server cannot deliver the message, it will use the next active address as an alternate

number for subsequent sending attempts.

Follow these steps to change the sequence number of an address:


Select a recipient from an Address list.


Click the Edit button.


Select the address you want to change the sequence for in the recipient‘s Address list at the bottom of
the Recipient dialog box.


Enter a new sequence number for this service in the Address Number field.


Click the Save Addr button.

The selected service will take the new sequence number, and all other services in the list will shift

according to this change.

Active Check Box

The address entry is only used in the address if this check box contains an X (=active). You can deactivate

an address that is temporarily out of service instead of deleting it. Click the Active check box to toggle it.

Number Field*

If the Number field is available for the service selected, enter the fax number, telex number, etc. There is

one exception: in case of X400, clicking the Number field opens the X400 Address dialog box, shown


Answer Back Field*

If the Answer Back field is available for the service selected, enter the fax or telex answer back.

Free Address Field*

If the Free Address field is available for the service selected, enter the address according to the convention

of the service specified. The system does not perform a syntax check for this field.

User ID and Node Fields*

If the User ID and Node

fields are available for the service selected, enter the recipients‘ User ID and Node

name, if required.

Address Field*

If the Address field is available for the service selected, click within this field to open the Postal Address

dialog box and enter the address.