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TCfW Communication Server Client

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When SM2 clicks the Sign button,

This signature is taken from his user profile and immediately displayed in Image Mode (See also 10.2

Sending Directly from Applications.)

4.25 Drag & Drop

You can drag and drop within and between messages, and from folders to messages. If the drag operation

is started from within a message, the default drag mode is always Move. To copy, press and hold down the

CONTROL key while dragging. Copy drag mode is indicated by the "+" sign in the drag cursor. But you can

only copy messages from folders to open messages; not move them.

4.25.1 Message to Folder


Open a folder window by clicking the Folder menu and then by clicking Folder ..(1)


Select one or more messages in the message list.


Drag the messages to the folder where you want to copy the messages.