Retries left, Priority, Error – Kofax Communication Server 9.1.1 User Manual

Page 82: Response, File size, Send time, Intended time, Cost center, Costs, Message id

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TCfW Communication Server Client

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Retries Left

Shows the number of remaining sending attempts for the send order. Kofax Communication Server starts

with nine retries left.


The sender specifies the sending priority. Kofax Communication Server has 13 priority levels: low , normal

,high , high 1, high 2, high 3, high 4, high 5, high 6, high 7, high 8, high 9 and highest priority.

Note: The priority levels high1 .. highest requires at least TCOSS 7.44.03


Contains information about a send error, such as a document that was only partly received.


May contain additional information helpful in some error situations such as the recipients‘ answer back
(e.g., +4316613321).

File Size

Message size in bytes. Kofax Communication Server automatically calculates this when it stores the


Send Time

Time and date the message was sent. With messages not yet sent, this field contains the time and date of

the next sending attempt.

Intended Time

It gives the time when the message should have been sent, which may be the sending time specified by the

user or the time of posting. If the user specified a sending time which had already passed at the time the

message was posted, the intended time gives the time of posting.

Cost Center

Cost c

enter to which the transmission will be billed. Defined in the senders‘ User Profile.


The cost of sending in units. The unit is configured on Kofax Communication Server. No fee calculation is

provided on Kofax Communication Server for local sending.(For a description of the additional folder fields

only visible to users with special authorization, see the KCS Clients

Administrator’s Manual.)

Message ID

The Message ID serves a message tracking ID of a message within TCOSS.