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TCfW Communication Server Client

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Export Fields

This function creates an ASCII file of a selected folder view (a folder view consists of a group of list entries

specified by a filter). The fields of the ASCII file will be separated by TAB stops. The first line in the text file

contains the column header of the selected folder view. You can import this file later into MS-Word or MS-

Excel. (See Exporting Folder Views)


View Settings

Allows you to change the sequence of the columns here. (See 6.2 View Settings Dialog Box)


Set Filters

Allows you to set filters for your folders. Only the messages filtered will be displayed.


Folder Window 1-4

You can open up to 4 folder windows from here. Each window can display any folder out of In BOX, OUT

Box, Message Folder, FIS Folder, System Folder, and all of your personal user folders stored in DOS

directories. Select them in the tree view in the left pane of the folder window. Open folder windows appear

in the Folder menu with a check mark next to them.


Window Menu

The Window menu is used to manipulate the arrangement of windows on-screen. It also shows all open