Kofax Communication Server 9.1.1 User Manual

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TCfW Communication Server Client

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Status: Refers to the state or condition of sending of an incoming or outgoing message. You can view the status of
each of your messages in the IN and OUT Boxes.

Status Bar: The bar at the bottom of TCfW windows that displays a brief description of each Toolbar function as it is
being carried out.

Supervisor: Kofax Communication Server user with special system administration rights and tasks. The Supervisor is
responsible for setting up and maintaining the system and user profiles, as well as assisting the users with questions
and problems.

System Folder: The Kofax Communication Server folder containing all TCfW files and accessible to only properly
authorized users.

TCI: TC Image Format. Kofax Communication Server

‘s own file format for storing and converting pictures.

TCOSS 7: TC OPEN SERVER SOFTWARE. This is the software running on the TCOSS server hardware. For its
basic functionality refer to SERVER. For more details refer to our TCOSS 7 System Manual. The software is tuned for
high performance and for open connectivity.

Tech User: The Kofax Communication Server user with the highest authorization. The Tech User right, combined with
read and write access to all Kofax Communication Server files, gives the Tech user full access to all Kofax
Communication Server files and messages.

Template: A standard message stored in any Kofax Communication Server folder that contains permanent features
such as the cover sheet, overlays, send options, even receivers. Templates save you the time and trouble of specifying
these message components each time you create a message.

Terminated: A status of IN Box messages. This means that the user has opened the message and it has been moved
to the archive for eventual deletion. A user can terminate messages manually or automatic termination can be set in
his/her user profile.

Test Key: In TCfW, the test key feature is used by banks for transferring money. A test key is a code that verifies a
transfer. For example, one user writes the bank transfer and a second, authorizing user inserts the test key.

Text: A piece of information entered which can be edited. Text can be edited in Text mode.

Text Mode: Displays the whole message as text while attachments and form feeds are displayed as one reference
line only. Text can be edited in this mode.

Toolbar: The bar below the menu bar at the top of various screens which contains the command icons, or buttons,
Click any one of these icons to activate its corresponding function.

TC Fax: This is a printer driver used for attaching files created in virtually any Windows application as images. By
printing to it from any Windows application, the user opens a new message in TCfW (if no message is already opened)
and attaches the file as image to it. The user then addresses the message by filling in the header fields and presses
SEND. Users can add as many image files as they want from any number of Windows applications to a single
message simply by repeating this procedure with an open TCfW message.

Kofax Communication Server Folders: Folders kept on the TCOSS server, as opposed to personal user folders,
which are kept in Windows directories. These include the IN and OUT Boxes, one Message folder per user, the
System folder and the FIS folder.

TC Image Format: See TCI.