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TCfW Communication Server Client

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Start and Stop Distribution

Toggles distribution mode on and off. For distributing incoming messages addressed centrally, rather than

to individual recipients. This is only available to users with Distributor Status set in their profiles. (See the

KCS Clients

Administrator’s Manual for more information.)



The command Preferences in the Admin menu allows you to modify the most common application

settings. It is only accessible, if the right is set within the user profile. It is recommended not to make any

changes in here unless you are a more experienced user and know what settings to use. (See 9 TC



Folder Menu

Folders are used to file messages logically. Each user has one Message Folder on the Kofax

Communication Server and can create additional folders in the PC environment.


Create Folder

Creates a new folder located in a DOS directory. You have to specify the folder name and path in the

Create/Add Folder window.


Delete Folder

Deletes a folder. You have to specify the folder name in the Delete Folder window. You cannot delete

folders on the Kofax Communication Server.

This command does not, however, delete the folder files stored in the Windows directory. You can restore a
deleted folder with Create/Add Folder by choosing the same directory since it is still displayed in the list.

Do not change the default folder name (Untitled). The folder will once again appear at the bottom of your

Folder menu.

You can delete a folder permanently by deleting the folder files in the Windows directory and in the Delete

Folder window.


Copy Folder

Copies a folder to another location. It is used for backing up folders. (See 6.7.3 Copying Folders)