5 receiving messages – Kofax Communication Server 9.1.1 User Manual

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TCfW Communication Server Client

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Microsoft Exchange

Novell GroupWise

Note: Internal messages can be sent to other TCfW users through the local service.


Receiving Messages

Incoming messages are stored in your IN Box. Kofax Communication Server can be configured to notify

you whenever a message arrives. There are several methods of notification, depending on the settings in
your User Profile (e.g., your phone rings twice, a broadcast message appears on your screen, your beeper

beeps). You may also have your incoming messages automatically printed on a printer or fax machine.

(For further information see the Server Package manuals.)

Accessing your messages:


Open a folder window from the Folder menu.



In Box

from the Folder window.


Double-click the message you want to open.

You can select the Text/Image command in the View menu or click the corresponding icon on the toolbar

to toggle between Text and Image Mode.

Note: You can select multiple messages in a folder window by using SHIFT-CLICK and CTRL-CLICK.

Open them by selecting Open from the Message menu or clicking the icon in the toolbar.

You can do the following with an opened message:

Print the message out on your default printer. (To define another printer, select Printer Setup or
Printer from the Message menu.).

Select Save As from the Message menu to store the message in another folder.

Mark the message as completed by selecting Mark completed from the Message menu, or by clicking
the corresponding icon on the toolbar.

Opening a file attached to an incoming message


Set the opened message to Text Mode by selecting Text/Image from the View menu or clicking the
corresponding icon on the toolbar.


Click the attachment line.


Select Edit Page from the Edit menu. This will automatically run the application the file was created in
(e.g., WinWord), provided this application is installed on your PC or workstation.


Read, edit and save the file as you want.

Note: You may also click Save Attachment As from the Message menu in TCfW, once you have

highlighted a file attachment line. This allows you to place the attached file somewhere in the file system.