Kofax Communication Server 9.1.1 User Manual

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TCfW Communication Server Client

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Kofax Communication Server: The Kofax Communication Server (often referred to in our manuals TCOSS server)
offers services to the clients connected to it. Kofax Communication Server stores all messages of the user folders and
manages address books, scheduling, logging and distribution. It also handles all public lines connected such as fax,
telex, ISDN, X.400, etc. Kofax Communication Server sends and receives messages even if the user's PC is switched
off. In connection with PABX systems, the Kofax Communication Server can be set up to interpret DID information for
automatic distribution of incoming messages. It also manages delivery and non-delivery notifications of outgoing
messages. In addition, It handles printing of incoming messages on laser printers or fax machines.

Touched: Once an IN Box message has been opened, viewed, or printed, it gets the status Touched.

User: Somebody authorized to work with the system. Each user has a user profile and one entry in the System
address book as a receiver.

User Profile: TCfW users have their own user profiles, which define their rights and restrictions.

WYSIWYG: Stands for What You See Is What You Get. Image mode in TCfW displays messages in WYSIWYG-as
they look when they are printed or faxed.

Zoom: To change from a distant view to a more close-up view (zoom in) and vice versa (zoom out).