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TCfW Communication Server Client

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To attach a message to your message. Same as Message from the Attach menu.

Signs a message. Your signature replaces the signature placeholder in the message.
This button is only available when your user profile contains a signature. Same as Sign
from the Attach menu.

Resends a message with a specified time delay. This command is available for new and
read messages. It is not available for terminated messages.

3.10.2 Image View Bar

Toggles between Text Mode and Image Mode. Same as Text/Image Mode from the
View menu.

Enlarges the display. Same as Zoom In from the View menu.

Reduces the display. Same as Zoom Out from the View menu.

Turns the display 90 degrees to the right. Same as Rotate from the View menu.

Turns the display 180 degrees to the right. Same as Flip from the View menu.

Removes margins from the display. Same as Optimize from the View menu. Zoom
factor: page width.

Restores margins to the display. Same as Full Page from the View menu.


Distribution Bar

This bar is useful to distributors.

(See the KCS Clients

Administrator‘s Manual for more information on these buttons).

Start Distribution.

Stop Distribution.